Technology Consulting

As a technology company, Xpio understands the process of website and software design, development, and implementation from both a big picture, as well as a detailed level. We work with customers everyday to scope projects, define requirements, engage end users, create information architecture, and implement solutions.

Oftentimes we work on websites that leverage Content Management Systems (CMS) so that end users can create and maintain content after implementation. Sometimes we use WordPress, sometimes Reactjs, sometimes Angularjs, and sometimes just a good old fashion HTML and Jquery.

Search is typically necessary. Regulatory requirements often come into play. Accessibility is a must. Mobile devices are a must consideration. Some organizations have databases, workflows, forms, and other applications that need to interface with the website. Security, permissions, and uptime do matter. Search engine optimization is usually important. Many of our clients appreciate analytics and trending. Some projects are hosted onsite, others with a 3rd party. You get the picture.

Every project is unique.

But there is one thing that stays the same; every project has a scope, a budget, and a timeline. And that’s where we come in. We partner and engage with our customers to understand what they want, and how best to achieve it. At the end of the day, we want what you want – a successful project. We like challenges, and we get things done.