Electronic Health Records (EHR)

For any healthcare organization, implementing an EHR or an ePrescription (eRX) system is a significant undertaking. There are also many questions. What system is the best? How much will it cost? How long will it take? Are we eligible for any incentive money? What does Meaningful Use mean for our organization?

Xpio has been working with organizations on managing change and risk for nearly 10 years. And in close partnership with our clients, we’ve tackled tough projects, and achieved amazing results. We’ve also encountered a lot of scenarios over the last decade and pride ourselves on being a knowledge partner with our clients. You know your jobs and your business best. And we know a few things too – especially when it comes to technology. Do you need an HL7? What version? How about an 837? Maybe a 270? Don’t forget the 835.

At Xpio, our job is to help you implement tools and technologies to help you deliver high quality care, maintain regulatory compliance, and be efficient and productive. And while every organization has a different vision of what a successful EHR project looks like, one thing is certain – we’ll help you get there.